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Woke up to sad news

So when my phone beeped with the CNN update about Claire Davis, the shooting victim in Colorado, my heart just broke. It is all so tragic. A very close friend of mine lives out there, actually graduated from Columbine back in the 80s. As an east coast girl, I’ve always been anti gun, but knowing her and visiting out there showed me its not as simple as just saying guns are bad, ban them all. But there has to be something, right? I mean, you can’t drink a beer until you’re 21, but you can join the military and buy a gun at 18? And I can’t help but feel that waiting periods can only help. It would at least give a time out. It won’t help every situation, but it can’t hurt, right? And maybe allow for exceptions, like if someone has a protective order against someone, or is being stalked, and has real fear for their safety. There has to be some common sense stuff that can be done. But the idiots who keep screaming that the government wants their guns are just making it worse. I, personally, do not think guns should be banned. Because if I’m a single woman with some crazy ass stalker after me, I want to know that I can protect myself, in my home. And I respect the hunting and outdoors culture. Not the ones who just kill for a trophy, but hey, if you want to hunt deer for venison burgers, go for it. I was on twitter and said that I didn’t get why someone would need a military type rifle to hunt deer. And a guy told me that sometimes when you are out there, you come across a bear or mountain lion and a regular rifle might not be enough to stop it before it gets to you. Now see, that never would have occurred to me. Yes, I can see the need, if you are out in the wild, to have a gun that will keep a bear from having people burgers. But there has to be somewhere we can meet in the middle.